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2°V - Secondary Vital Signs

We have all heard the term 'vital signs' in reference to the body functions that allow us to survive. Your heart rate, temperature, blood pressure and respiration are all essential to waking up in the morning and allowing you to go about your day.  These signs mean that you are alive, but there is much more that goes into defining the quality of your life than simply being alive. Your quality of health can be defined when measures such as posture, social connectedness, body pH, pain levels and more are quantified with a Secondary Vitals (2°V) measurement.

Secondary Vitals was created in recognition that life is about the quality of your days, not only the quantity of your days. Our mission is to help people recognize the importance of their Secondary Vitals (2°V) and give them a means by which they can assess and track their own statistics to measurably improve the quality of their life.  Secondary Vitals (2°V) is for you if you want to improve your health but are unsure of where to start.

Each of the Secondary Vitals (2°V) measurements below fits into one of the four pillars of health and provides your team member with objective information about their health balance.

A secondary vitals score includes:

Current research1 is suggesting that the health of employees plays a large role in the productivity of individuals and the company as a whole. Many companies are now realizing that encouraging healthy habits in their employees can significantly improve their bottom line.  Don't be left behind as we look beyond the lag effects of Worksite Safety, Health and Wellness.

If you are in charge of people how are you supporting your team in their desire to age gracefully and optimize how they feel?  Are you willing to accept the consequences of the do-nothing strategy?  Let's work together to improve your bottom line!  

Corporate health, when measured in terms of staff and employee productivity, can be enhanced when employees are healthy and happy.  Many people would like to be healthier but don't know where to put their efforts.  We recognize that life is about quality, not just quantity.  An advanced health status can be provided, measured and tracked by a Secondary Vitals (2°V) measurement.  Healthy staff are happier and more productive. 

What do you do with your employees that would like to improve their health but don't know where to start.  Assessent of Secondary Vitals (2°V) signs allows for a score to be provided (percentile) so your employee can understand where they exist relative to established normals.  This testing in combination with strategiesprovided in a report will inform your employee about the best next steps they can take to make a health improvement.  Your staff will know their starting point, and with guidance they can begin to implement a plan for improvement.  It is still up to the individuals themselves to take action, but we can help show them the map to success.  A personal Secondary Vitals (2°V) score becomes a benchmark for progress.

We believe and promote the concept that health is all about balance of the biological, sociological and psychological.  We focus on body balance, mental balance, environmental balance and chemical balance as all being vital to the expression of real health.


Our focus is on working with corporate wellness and safety programs to assist employees in recognizing areas of improvement and offering easy tips and solutions that can be implemented to improve overall health.  All assessments are confidential to the individual.

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