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Cardiovascular Health

Two of the leading causes of death and disability in our country are heart disease and stroke. Prevention is paramount when it comes to these silent killers. Some very simple tips include having a healthy blood pressure and maintaining appropriate cardiovascular health. The capacity of the human body to pump blood throughout miles and miles of arteries to supply the cells with proper oxygen, nutrients and various other molecules, is crucial for health.

There are many simple ways to promote cardiovascular health. Getting your body moving is very important; the more you work your muscles, the more accustomed they become to having to work! This means less huffing and puffing for you and a happier, healthier heart. Something as simple as parking a few blocks away and walking to your next meeting, or starting to take brisk 30-minute walks can give you incredible benefits.

What you eat also has a huge impact on your heart health. High-fat, processed foods are difficult for your body to digest so they create more stress and are a greater challenge for your organs, including your heart. A diet high in lean proteins, dark vegetables and raw, natural foods provides the highest quality nutrients without creating a burden to your system.