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Bed Wetting

"It rained in my bed again last night." were the very words a young lad wrote on a note to hand to his doctor, thus expressing the reluctance and embarrassment of children to admit they have wet the bed.

Bed wetting, or Nocturnal Enuresis, is a complex problem that may be the result of many factors. One factor can be related to a disturbance of the phrenic reflex. When young children sleep, their respiration slows until the increased levels of carbon dioxide in the body trigger a breathing mechanism called the "phrenic reflex." If the reflex is disturbed, carbon dioxide in the system becomes high. This, in turn, causes the involuntary muscles of the body to relax, including opening at the bottom of the urinary bladder, allowing the urine in the bladder to be released.

In some children, the phrenic reflex is slow to develop. But in others this reflex may be disturbed by a vertebral subluxation, which can be corrected by your chiropractor. If your child is suffering the anguish of bed wetting, consider chiropractic care.

Clinical Results in our Office

Urination Control – 2 people reported a 70-100% improvement, 2 people reported no change, 2 people reported a 10-40% improvement, and 1 person reported a 40-70% improvement.