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Neck Pain

Neck pain is such a universal problem that you often see people moving their necks around to ease the pain; some people even use their hands to forcibly make their neck "pop" to ease the discomfort.

What are they trying to do? The answer is that they are instinctively trying to ease the stress of spinal misalignments (subluxations). Such self-treatment can be dangerous to the arteries, nerves, and other soft tissues associated with the spine. Even chiropractors cannot adjust their own spines!

Through careful examination and specific spinal adjustment, chiropractors correct subluxations safely and effectively. Do not wait until misalignments in your neck create problems (such as headaches, numbness, or dizziness) that affect the entire body. Neck pain is a warning signal - covering up the pain with medications may cause dangerous side effects to the other systems of the body. Consult your chiropractor for natural care of your neck problem.

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