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Sciatica is characterized by shooting or aching pains in the leg. The pain can be very severe and is often due to pressure upon nerve roots as they exit from between the vertebrae in the spine. Nerve roots from the low back come together to form the sciatic nerve, therefore misalignments of the vertebrae and pelvis (subluxations) may put stress on the spinal nerves and may result in pain and discomfort.

A chiropractic examination for subluxations can often trace the cause of sciatic pain directly to the spine. Subluxations of the vertebrae in the lumbar, cervical, and pelvic spine have been implicated in many different types of leg pain. Chiropractic adjustments reduce and correct subluxations, often addressing the cause of sciatic pain.

Remember, do not ignore minor leg pain which can progress into the more severe pain of sciatica. Consult your chiropractor for an examination to see if chiropractic spinal adjustments can eliminate the cause of your problem.

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