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60% to 80% of scoliosis cases occur in school-age girls. The condition may first be discovered in a child when one shoulder seems higher than the other, when clothes do not hang straight, or when one hip seems more prominent. Initially, pain is seldom expressed by the child; they may only mention fatigue in the low or mid-back after prolonged standing or sitting.

"As the tree is bent, so shall it grow."

Misalignments of the spine in youth can lead to the curvatures and scoliosis that cause discomfort and pain in later life. Many chiro-practors report excellent results in the care of scoliosis. If caught early, curve reductions and corrections can often be made through appropriate chiropractic care.

So before resorting to bracing and/or surgery for scoliosis, consider chiropractic care. From birth to adolescence and beyond, have your children checked regularly by your chiropractor for the prevention of spinal subluxations that may lead to curvatures and scoliosis.

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