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Self Care

Notice of Intention

This exercise program is meant to assist you in optimizing your spinal health. The exercises listed are only of benefit when done properly. If you experience pain or discomfort while performing any of the exercises, please stop and consult our office. Please be sure to record any significant difficulty you may have with a particular exercise and be sure to mention it on your next appointment. We wish you well and congratulate you on your dedication to your health!

Self Care Documents (Acrobat Reader needed)

First tension stretching:

Stretches for posture:

Strengthening for Posture:

Midback Stretches:

-Modified Cobra Instructions

-Torso Twist Instructions

Shoulder Stretches:

-External Rotator

-Shoulder Back Scratch

Intermediate Core Stability:

-Intermediate Modified Plank

-Intermediate Bird Dog

Introduction to Core Stability:

Functional Tests:

Miscellaneous PDF Documents:

Lower Leg Stretches:

-Lower Leg Gastrocnemius

-Lower Leg Soleus

-Little Bridge with Leg Lift

-Lower Leg Tibialis Anterior

-Lower Leg ITB

-Lower Leg Quadriceps

Neck Stretches

-Neck-Head Retraction

-Neck-Neck Rotation

-Neck Shoulder Roll

-Neck Scalene Stretch

-Neck SCM Stretch