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Mental Balance

Have you smiled today? Are you loved? Did you have a conversation with a friend?

How you perceive and engage with the world is critical to your health.

Your view of the world and how you process the symphony of stress you exist in every day is key to your ability to be healthy. Pleasure and happiness, recognition from others, appropriate family relationships, and relaxation time will all contribute significantly to your ability to be truly healthy.

Examples of Mental Balance:

  • Stress/Relaxation (Rule of 7’s)
  • Relaxation Time, Work Time, Busy Family Time, Relaxing Family Time
  • Attention, Made to feel important, Complemented
  • Arguments, Anger, Anxiety, Irritation, Frustration
  • Pleasure, Happiness, Laugh, Cry
  • Conversation with a Friend,
  • Communication with a Higher Power
  • Expressed Love, Felt Love
  • Processing daily challenges (symphony of stress)
  • Sense of connectedness within family/community