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Optimal Health

How Long Does it Take to Reach Optimal Health? 

After the "condition based" and "health" phases of care are complete, you are ready to enter into the "wellness" phase of care. At this time, your chiropractor will customize a visit schedule to fit your individualized needs.

The Benefits of Health and Wellness Care

The benefits of ongoing chiropractic care are far-reaching and numerous. Wellness care can support your health and development, helping you to optimize your life potential. Patients who choose "health" and "wellness" care maximize their body's ability to function at peak levels of performance. They may have higher energy levels and endurance, increase their immunity for fewer illnesses, prevent further damage to the spine and nervous system due to VSC, and generally improve the quality of life. A commitment to "health" and "wellness" care will provide the foundation for a lifetime of optimal health. The choice is yours. Choose wellness for yourself and your family.